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Graphic Design • Web Design • Branding
Master's in Communication from Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah. From 1998 through 2014, my designs were integral in helping raise millions of dollars.

Graphic Designer & Web Designer

Thomas Cronin

Responsible for overseeing and creating Westminster College's visual branding content, 2006-2012, which propelled the college to national recognition. Invaluable in creating highly creative and print and digital media, which helped the college raise record-breaking, fund-raising dollars.

My Services

Graphic Design

Worked closely with marketing, fundraising admissions, and faculty, producing a wide variety of print collateral ranging from brochures to giant building graphics. My abilities were relied on heavily for fund-raising, admissions, student services, and faculty, being the only full-time graphic designer for Westminster College for 17+ years

Instrumental in Westminster College’s 2006 rebranding campaign, resulting in a successful national awareness. My original designs are still being used around campus.

Between 1998 through 2014 the Office of Development continually garnered record-breaking fund raising numbers for the college, which my designs were integral in their success.

Responsible for designing Westminster College’s last two Strategic Plans (2004 and 2014)

Guided the college through an overall
re-branding process.

Conceptualized and designed Westminster fund-raising campaigns for building development. Taught interns and work study students regularly, the basics of layout and visual design.

Was recognized for four National CASE awards (Council for the Advancement in the Support of Education) Earned a 2013 National CASE GOLD design for Westminster’s Office of Advancement Assisted, with photography, design, and production in the 2013 Westminster Review’s CASE Silver Award

Made time to educate all staff and students interested in graphic design principles.

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Web Design

Developed, with a small team, four projects using Python, Django, JavaScript, Angular JS, CSS, and Html. Projects took over 350 hours of coding experience.

Developed frontend and backend coding skills. Worked on a real world, Neutron Interactive coding project.

Worked through 12 algorithm and data problems using Python.

Developed website frameworks collaboratively using Django and Angular JS.

Built a web application as part of a team, and deployed it to the internet.

Created a software engineering application, as part of a team, and coded a real project for a company called Neutron Interactive based out of Salt Lake City



Instrumental in Westminster College’s 2006 overall rebranding campaign, resulting in first-time national recognition. My original designs are still being used around campus.

Brand examples


Event and portrait photographer for Westminster College


My Skills

Graphic Design